I have waited SO long to build a personal website. When there has been an increase in interest about who I am and what I am doing, I decided to put this together so anyone can take a look at all the awesomeness I do! 

What do I do?

Currently, I am a representative for Cisco Systems and travel around the world as a Developer Evangelist speaking and helping people work with our API's. (Cisco Spark and Tropo). Previously, I taught web application development at a community college. I'll tell ya now, it's really crazy to hear students call me "Professor Mero". I never felt like a professor, but I guess I was! I also did a lot of side work migrating data from different extensions in Joomla as well as Joomla version migrations. I am a self proclaimed MySQL guru. Well, no one has proven me otherwise. But I don't have much time for side work anymore, as I spend the rest of my time working as an intructor for Thinkful.com helping students with JavaScript programming as well as working on open source projects. That's my night life!

Previously to teaching college, I worked as a Joomla! web developer building custom applications since August 2011 and quit November 2014. I wanted to try something different with my life. I was tired of driving in traffic everyday to work in an office. I had a great team and comfortable office of my own. I left a great opportunity, but it wasn't challenging enough and I was getting bored. I quit my job hoping to start a company, but that never happened. LOL!!! Coincidentally, I was offered full-time work about a week after quitting my job.

What are my long term goals? Anything where I get to be in charge! I'd like to be in management or in executive related positions. Or even being in a C-Level job would be ideal and fit for my personality. I still have a lot of growing to do to qualify for a CEO or CTO position at this point. I spend a lot of time listening to audiobooks on management and representation. So any type of job where I can represent a corporate company, or even an enterprise level company. Whether I'm representing or managing, I'd be happy in either, as most of my skills lie there. :-)



I went to college for a couple years when I was 16 (Running Start Program). I was able to test out of high school and start college early. Sounds like a dream for a lot of teenagers, I'm sure! I've always been really lucky in my life. I dropped out of college at 17 1/2 and threw away my 2 year grant because I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. But, how often do you see an 18 year old that knows exactly what they want to do for the rest of their life? That's my point, so it's okay that this happened to me. I wanted to explore what else was out there in life aside from school work. After many, many years of figuring out who I was and who I wanted to be, I went back to college in my 20's and got a degree and certification in Web Application Development.


I am involved in various projects within the open source Joomla! project. Currently I am serving the role of Developer Advocate for the Joomla! project. I've recently resigned as a board member for Joomla! and have been part of it since April 2013 called Open Source Matters, Inc (OSM). OSM provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Joomla! open source project. In December 2012, I started as a team member on the Joomla Extensions Directory team and soon worked up to assistant team manager. I've been responsible for hiring and training new team members and also mainly handle the sub team of listing specialists. Our team screens extensions that are submitted to the directory awaiting approval. From 2011 to 2012, I contributed to the Bug Squad team working as a patch tester. My hats are off to people who are on that team. It's hard work! Aside from all this, I am the Organizer of the Seattle Joomla Meetup and the Organizer/President of the Seattle PHP Meetup. I also organize a conference ever year called Pacific Northwest PHP Conference. Our first year conference was in September 2015, and the idea and all credit goes to Jeremy Lindblom, who organized the conference the first year, and let me be the co-organizer. Now that he's moved, I am now the main organizer.


I started snowboarding the winter of 2012 and have been going a lot since. Because I was a web developer for a Snow sports company, I was surrounded by professional Ski'ers and Snowboarders, so I ended up learning quickly. I'm very passionate about snowboarding and absolutely love being on the mountains. I also love going camping, surfing, hiking, and anything outdoors. I'm just really bad at getting myself out the door. I'm always glued to this computer thing. I think I need to find a friend who'd drag me out the door to do more fun things. :-)

Family Life

I am a weekend parent. I spend a few weeks a month with my children Emma (5) and Jayden (6). They are very lucky children to be able to do fun things and have such a happy life. I do have to be careful not to spoil them too much. That's probably the most difficult task in the world. I think I give them too much and need to calm down on that a bit. I want them to learn how to value their stuff and learn to earn what they have as I had to growing up having less than normal. =) I'm trying to teach my son how to build websites. His website is http://jaydenfenwick.com. He still has a lot of work to do. Right now I'm only teaching him basic tags, like headers and paragraph tags. =P


During my free time, I always seem to be working on some kind of fundraiser, whether it's to help one family get back on their feet, or multiple needy families. I've been helping out people in my local area. This is also a difficult task when people start reaching out to you for help and you are lacking the time to put into it. Sometimes I wish there's more hours in a day so I can do so much for everyone. One of the biggest things I work on is mentoring people into a career change, or junior positions, or with interviewing advice. Philathropy is a passion of mine. I feel like helping one person can change their life, why not do it?

Recent projects:

1) Helped a family of 3, including a baby, get away from homeless life. They were living in their car and had absolutely nothing. With crowdsourcing and donations, I was able to provide them with all their necessities, helped get the father a full time job at Nintendo, fixed their broken down car, and set them up for a room to rent in an apartment. This is probably one of my biggest accomplishments in my life.

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2) I helped a family 3, in which the mother was pregnant, get settled in their new place where they are renting a room in, including all their necessities they need to live. They left their previous place with nothing but the clothes on their back. I used facebook groups to crowdsource donated items and spent 2 weeks collecting item donations.

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3) I took over a new facebook group as an admin of needy families in the local area who can't afford to buy Christmas presents for their children. I recruited sponsors and people who need to be sponsored. The group quickly grew to 350 families in a matter of a few weeks which was unmanageable for myself! Thanksfully, after recruiting an admin, who also recruited a few more admins to help out, they were glad to take over the bulk of the work and truly made this happen.

Facebook Group has been shut down because of the 100's of new requests that we couldn't keep up with. Until Christmas 2015.... can't wait to start something new with maybe a fresh idea to it. :-)

4) I helped out a developer friend who needed to start looking for a job, but was struggling and couldn't afford to eat or live, which made it really stressful to even think about job hunting. I put together a fundraiser to raise money to help her live off of and be able to eat while job hunting. I also helped her get about 6+ job interviews, and she's already had salary offers!

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5) I helped a relative of mine who had to leave a bad relationship with her baby and had no vehicle to get to work, as there are no bus stops within her area. I put together a fundraiser to help collect money to purchase a new car, which resulted in someone donating a used car, as well as raised $440, which went towards registration, tabs, license, and getting insurance set up.

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6) I'm looking for my next fundraiser project or some way of helping others. Usually I pick up a junior web developer who is jobless and mentor them into becoming successful and finding a job. I like to give people practice interviews and interviewing tips. I cater to the people who feel like they are not skilled enough or good enough. I'm like that therapist with personal issues - I mentor people into doing what's right but yet I struggle to do things as perfect as I describe them. =)