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I'm Moving On... It's Time for Change!

Everyone gets to that point in life when they feel it is time for change, right? When you are in a position in your career, and you feel like you belong to something in a much larger scale. I then began my search at enterprise level companies! December 2015: The self-paced web application development program I was teaching full-time was coming near...
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About Me

Introduction My intentions of creating a personal website is to showcase my work and who I am as a person. I'd like to be more globally recognized as a professional speaker and receive more Keynote opportunities. What do I do? Currently, I am a representative for Cisco Systems (Cisco DevNet) and travel around the world as a Developer Advocate/Evang...
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I Made a Mistake at Work, Here's What Happened

Lessons learned from team values, respect, and empowerment It happens. Everything is going fine at work, and then BAM, you find out that you made a mistake with work that affects your team. What happens next should be a lesson for all other teams to learn from. Earlier today I was told that a mistake was made in a significant document (that CANNOT ...
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So Your Talk Wasn't Selected?"

Did you submit a talk abstract to a conference and didn't get selected to speak? You've spent all this time working on your talk abstract and presentation outline and felt so proud and confident that there is no doubt your talk will be selected for that conference... BUT THEN that rejection email showed up in your inbox. What... the...  It's O...
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