Keynote - Leading an Open Source Organization

In this presentation, I share my experience and thoughts on what does it mean to lead an open source organization at the PHP World Conference 2015

Keynote - State of the Joomla Project

I go over the current state of the Joomla! Content Management System open source project and go over keypoints of the future release in Bangalore, India November 2015.

Keynote - Nom Nom: Consuming REST APIs

I go over the basics of what consuming REST APIs are at the BrazilJS conference in Brazil in August 2016.

Keynote - Contributing to Open Source Software

This is my very first Keynote presentation in Tel Aviv, Israel in August 2014. I was extremely nervous during this presentation. (I don't get nervous like this anymore. It's more anxious and excitement!)

Interview With Tessa Mero - ElePHPant Podcast Show

Cal Evans from the Voices of the ElePHPant interviews me about various topics in November 2015 at the PHP World Conference.

Presentation - Joomla3 In Education

What does it take to run a Joomla class? Tessa goes over what she did to make a difference as a teacher at the college implementing open source content and bringing Joomla in the classroom.

Interview with Tessa Mero - RunCloud Podcast Show

Interviewed on various topics ranging from being a developer evangelist to contributions to open source projects.

Presentation Sneak Peak - BrazilJS

This was a sneak peak of my presentation at the BrazilJS conference in 2016 to get attendees excited to watch my presentation. This will also give you an idea of how I present myself on camera.

Ignite Presentation - Joomla World Conference Speaking Competition

The goal of the Ignite presentation is to give a new (or must have concept worldwide) to the audience. This was one of my first speaking gigs recorded back in November 2013. (I won 2nd place).

Speaking Audition for a Spot at the Joomla World Conference

This was an audition video to get 1 of the 10 competition spots at the Joomla World Conference Speaking Competition.

Presentation - What to Learn First in PHP

This was one of my weakest presentations as I felt pretty nervous to be speaking on a very popular PHP Magazine/Subscription website. I've learned a lot from this experience.

Speaking & Press
#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso


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